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There are dietary supplements for every situation and ailment. Whether it’s your spotty skin, weight problems, those fine lines that turn into wrinkles and make you look prematurely older than you really are or energy deficiency, you can get rid of them by taking a range of proven supplements. Here are 8 recommended dietary supplements for 8 often encountered problems.


1. Weight Loss

Your goal here is to shed extra fat and get rid of those tires in your belly

What to take: Green Tea Extract

One chief setback that comes with trying to shed kilos the natural way is that the bulge keeps creeping back after weeks or months after you’ve shed them. Fortunately, there is just the right kind of supplement to help you fight the battle of the bulge: an extract from green tea. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that the catechin-rich green ta produced 12% in bodily fat oxidation in just over 24 hours period. Don’t be worried of the caffeine-jitters that often come with tea. It has been found the fat burning potential of the green tea outweighs the risks associated with caffeine. Better yet, green tea contains significantly lower amount caffeine than the processed tea.




2. More energy

Do you need more energy to burn during a workout or activities? There is a supplement to supply you with enormous power the whole day.

What to take: Plenty of Vitamin B12

Clearly, we are in some form of the energy crisis – the price of oil is up in the sky. There is another side of the crisis: adults are working longer and sleeping less while struggling keeps their heads up. While you could easily get a mug of coffee at Starbucks by handing over your credit card, taking some few Vitamin b12 pills can replenish your body enough energy many times more than a single cup of coffee, minus caffeine! All B Vitamins are renowned for their energizing properties. That’s why Vitamin helps the body extract nutrients from the food eventually turning them into energy. Even so, cobalamin or Vitamin B12 can help your body keep iron deficiency at bay (let’s not forget anemia is among the chief causes of energy suppression).

3. Lowering your stress

Is your job stressful? Are you trying to put up with your partner’s nagging? Are your finances out of order? You need a serious decompression

What to take: Plenty of Magnesium

You can’t take pills to ease your workload or calm your neighbors ever barking dog but you can surely find stress relief in a cup or bottle (I mean a bottle without alcohol). According to results conducted researches in Poland and published in the much acclaimed Current Medical Research and Opinion, a shot of magnesium and some plant extract supplementation can relieve anxiety. The study was conducted by taking 264 patients and giving them with magnesium and a plant extract supplementation. Similar results conducted in rodents yielded similar results.




4. Increased Brain Function

You can boost your brain power and unleash the hidden genius in you by ingesting proper supplements

What to take: Resveratrol

Who wouldn’t want to have his/her IQ increased by a few points or retain his/her mental focus in advanced years? While there is no single supplement that will promise an instant burst of mental sharpness, some few supplements such as Resveratrol are capable of boosting the brain power to impressive levels. The Litwin-Zucker Research Center conducted studies on Memory Disorders and the Alzheimer’s disease and found out that Resveratrol greatly improved the metabolic rate of the brain beside reducing the belly fat: an added bonus. The outcome of this research was published online in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.



5. Softer Skin

Do you want skin so soft that babies will come asking for secrets? There is a supplement for that.

What to take: Alpha Lipoic Acid

Count the last time you were at Sephora to buy skin products as being the final; just the correct type of supplement is all you need to obtain the soft and flawless skin you’ve always wanted. Research suggests that Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) help your body attract and even filter all the free radicals which causes much of the damage to your skin. ALA is capable of increasing the blood flow under your skin. This helps in plumping up the skin eventually making it look healthier and youthful.



6. Fewer Wrinkles

You want to stop those wrinkles and fine lines before they start. Keep your skin youthful and gleaming without even trying

What to eat:
Vitamin C

We can’t slow down the clock or turn it back but we can prevent the speed of the clock and its years from getting etched on our skins. A research article International Journal of Cosmetic Science shows that Vitamin C is effective is particularly effective in boosting the collagen level in your skin. Collagen is essential for linking the fibroblasts which in turn improves the texture and firmness of the skin. Fortunately, naturally occurring Vitamin C supplements come with just enough amount of the vitamin to help you restore your appearance to that of a baby. One pill of Vitamin C supplies the same amount of the stuff you could get in 20 oranges.



7. Better Heart Health

A heart that stays healthy will keep beating flawlessly well into the golden years

What to take:

According to WHO, heart diseases are among the top killer diseases in the world estimated to kill more people than diabetes and respiratory infections. However, it is easy to fight back; all you need is to add omega-3 fatty acids to the daily routine. Research conducted by the American Heart Association and published in March 2017 shows t consumption of omega-3s reduces the likelihood of an individual developing heart disease by over 9%.




8. Better Eyesight

Take this supplement for clearer vision as well as reducing the risk of macular degeneration.

What to take: Beta-Carotene

No other supplement beats Vitamin A (Beta-carotene) in improving eyesight and fighting eye disorders. Vitamin A has been found to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing eye cataracts. Taking Vitamin A supplements greatly reduces the chances of developing age-related macular degeneration.

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