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Living healthily can keep you away from all types of illnesses as well as Controlling high blood pressure. Today’s life is filled with lots of tension and mental stress which can easily lead to the problem of high blood pressure. This disease is also known as hypertension in medical terms. Realistically, the blood pressure of a person should balance under140/90 mm HG. A range more than this is considered to be dangerous and lethal to one’s health. Having high blood pressure is geared to increased heart disease.


The blood vessels of a human being have some vascular pressure which is actually the force exerted by the blood as it circulates on their walls. This pressure of the circulating blood reduces as the blood moves downwards to the arteries, arterioles, capillaries, and veins and to the rest of the body. In a normal condition, the highest point of this pressure is 120 mm Hg and the lowest one is 80 mm Hg. However, these readings fluctuate with the situations of life like stress, nutrition, drugs, and diseases.


Sometimes the pressure becomes permanent. It consistently rises at a high level. This condition is termed as hypertension. Doctors do suggest medications for controlling high blood pressure but on the other hand, we have some natural measures; they include;


Apple cider vinegar


It is a quick natural cure for high blood pressure patients. One is advised to take a spoonful three times a day. If you find it strong and concrete, you can mix it with water. Only unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is to be bought.




Four garlic cloves grouped together.


This is amongst the best Natural Cures for Hypertension. If an individual uses garlic on a regular basis, there can be about 10 to 5 decreases in his blood pressure readings. You can either take it directly in the form of clove or can take it in a minced form which is indirect. The only bad thing about it is the foul smell that comes out of one’s mouth after taking it.


Cayenne pepper


Cayenne peppers stored together.


It is not directly taken. It can be mixed with two tablespoons of honey. Boil in the water and then drink when warm. The taste is good and works in reducing one’s hypertension.


There are fewer supplements which also work as the natural treatment for the common problem of high blood pressure. Products which are rich in lycopene, polyphenol, Photogene, and phytofluene. One of such products is a tomato extract. Research has proved this fact that taking this tomato extract reduces one’s hypertension by 14%. It contains glycine which helps in controlling high blood pressure.


The higher authorities for the research programs in regard to hypertension disease have proved that NO regulates the freezing of the arteries. Therefore, any attempt to increase No will prevent the process and hence improve one’s health standards. So instead of taking drugs, you can add this supplement into your body through diet means and increase your span of life.


Regular exercise works well with a person having high blood pressure. Doctors recommend one to engage in a regular exercise for about 30 minutes in a day as it will help keep your circulation at its best. No vigorous movements required. Just doing light exercises will be sufficient.


Diagram showing the main complications of high blood pressure.

hese are just some of the natural cures for controlling high blood pressure. However, there is still an endless list of these measures.


Wouldn’t you want to feel better by improving your health standards? Simple changes in your lifestyle can bring remarkable changes in your body hence making you healthy and fit. Live a healthy and enjoyable life as you only live once.


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