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Yes, it’s possible to make teeth stronger naturally. If you are good at your oral hygiene and diet, there is no reason why your teeth can’t stay healthy in a natural way itself.   ​The problem comes when we start taking oral care lightly and when we don’t eat right or conduct a bad lifestyle. If you are ready to follow what the dentist recommends, you can make your teeth healthy and disease-free at home itself. Millions of people benefit from this natural way of keeping their teeth healthy and you too can do it easily.

Here are some of tips to make your teeth stronger naturally – 

1. Brush twice a day– You should brush twice a day if you want to keep your teeth healthy. It’s important to brush first when you wake up in the morning and then when you get to sleep. This will help keep away plaque, bacteria and food particles stuck between your teeth. 

2. Always floss– Don’t avoid flossing the teeth else it could lead to cavities and weakening of tooth structure over time. Brushing has some limitations as the bristles can’t reach between your teeth. Flossing can thus help and clean away all that​ brushing can’t. So, floss daily and stay away from potential dental harms. 

3. Clean your tongue– Your tongue surface is the place where most of the bacteria reside. If not cleaned, the same bacteria can enter the bloodstream, reach to different body parts and cause problems. More so, not cleaning the tongue regularly can cause gum problems as well. 

4. Rinse your mouth after each meal– If your want your teeth to stay healthy, make it a habit of rinsing the mouth after each meal. This will prevent plaque, bacteria and leftover foods to store up and cause damage to teeth. 

5. Drink lots of water daily– The more water your drink daily, the better it will be for your dental health. Dentists recommend drinking at least 10 to 12 glasses of water through the day to stay hydrated, prevent dry mouth problem and wash away plaque and bacteria and foods from the mouth. 

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6. Avoid sugar and foods with acidic content– Sugary foods will harm your teeth a lot. Avoid them to keep your teeth healthy. Sugar in any form, whether liquid or solid, can weaken your tooth structure over time. The same happens with foods with acidic content. So, stay away frim items like tea, coffee, wine, fruit juices, soda, cola etc. 

7. Don’t smoke– Smoking not only causes stains and discoloration but can also weaken tooth structure. In fact, tobacco in any form is bad for your dental health with risks as serious as oral cancer. In fact, smoking hinders saliva production in the mouth which is key to keeping the teeth healthy. Plus, all the chemicals and flavours used in tobacco products can cause irreparable damage to your teeth and gums over time.   

8. Eat a balanced diet– Your teeth need nutrition in the same way as any other body part. You can eat a balanced diet and maintain the health of your teeth. Dentists advise eating fibrous fruits, vegetables, dairy products, almonds and meat so that the teeth get its share of nutrients and stay disease-free. 

9. Don’t ignore systems– Never ignore symptoms like toothache, bleeding gums, teeth sensitivity etc. as they may be an indication of some oral problem. You should immediately consult the dentist and know the cause of the problem. This is how a right treatment can be started in a timely manner. You can also trust the dentist to know laser teeth whitening cost for future. 

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Nitesh is a well-known health blogger with specialization in oral care and dental hygiene. He regularly posts on treatments for any problem with teeth, gums or mouth. You can benefit from his domain knowledge, know about root canal treatment cost and plan your oral care easily.  

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