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Calcium intake during pregnancy is very beneficial. Calcium is another recommend dietary supplements that are important at every stage of life for many reasons. Without the proper amount of calcium, it’s impossible to have healthy bones and teeth. Calcium deficiency causes muscle cramps (remember the heart is a muscle), nerves to function improperly, and muscle twitches. Calcium is one of the most important minerals in your body.


During pregnancy, calcium is doubly important, since there are double the bodies to supply. Proper calcium levels are vital to the baby and the mom. Most women do not get enough of this vital mineral to supply themselves, never mind themselves and a growing baby.



What is Calcium?

Calcium is a very soft, gray metal. It’s essential for all living organisms. It’s the fifth-most plentiful mineral on earth, and it’s the most abundant metal by volume in many animals since calcium is a major component of teeth and bones. It’s a very important nutrient that most people, especially women, do not get enough of and they should get involved in work-out training programs for a healthier life.



Calcium for the Baby.

When you’re pregnant, you’re supplying both yourself and your growing baby with the nutrients that are needed to live a healthy life. Your baby needs calcium, just like you do, to build strong bones and teeth. Taking up to 2 grams of calcium a day has been proven to increase the bone strength of an unborn child. His/Her heart, nerves, and muscles cannot grow strong without the proper amount of calcium, and making, sure enough, calcium is taken daily reduces the likelihood of that baby being born too early.



Calcium for the Mom.

What a growing baby needs, she usually takes from mom, whether mom has it to spare or not. By not supplementing your diet with extra calcium, you’re losing bone mass, as the baby is taking the calcium from your bones, putting your teeth at risk, and upping your chances of osteoporosis in the future. Calcium is vital for pregnant women, children, and men who need sports nutrition to perform at their highest level. For more information on calcium and other products to improve your life, please visit our site.

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