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In a perfect world, everyone would always be in their optimal health. However, this is not the perfect world. In a world, everybody would work hard, everybody would keep maintaining a healthy lifestyle, everybody would progress and everybody would reach their natural strength limits.


Not everyone is capable, or willing to go to their utmost intensity during a workout. Most people will partake in a steady diet plan, in addition to taking weight loss pills. Personal trainers cannot pick and choose who enters their weight-room, so it is primarily up to the individual to gather up some motivation to at least start somewhere.


For the most part, professional athletes work-out because they have to, not because they want to. Their professional sport is where they feel most confident, where they have had a history of success. The weight-room.


It is better to keep workouts short along with intensity; these are keys to long-term success. This applies to professional athletes and people who are looking for the most efficient ways to see results in the weight room. Lightheadedness and nausea are not uncommon, especially if you are at the beginning stages of intense workout sessions. Along with working out, people have considered finding work-out training programs that will help contribute to achieving their goals.


Use should first consider researching the various techniques to help intensify your workout like; stretching, protein supplements, diet plans, before or after workout protein shakes, and various multi-vitamin supplements. Once you have gathered up enough information, you select and choose the right products, supplements, and diet plans to best suit your needs and goals.  These strategies have been collected from many personal trainers over the years. These methods are utilized to shorten and add variety to the workout. A good workout partner and a stopwatch will help you set a good break, and rep times. Be sure to adjust your total workout accordingly, as overtraining is a possibility.

Here are a few steps you should use to intensify your workout & achieve the BEST results:  


Add an exercise.   

Working the muscle from a different angle intensifies the overall stimulus by bringing additional muscle fibers into action. For sufficient muscular development, all of your muscle fibers need to be triggered and exhausted in every section of that muscle. Utilizing different workout training programs is a way to ensure the maximum intensity of all portions of the muscle.


Use partial repetitions.   

Muscular failure happens when the last rep can’t be completed through the full range of motion. If you cannot complete the rep you should consider doing partial reps to take the muscle beyond the point of positive failure.  


Shorten rest intervals.   

Try to spend less time resting between sets and exercises, the more intense the workout becomes, the more you are working your muscle fibers. You can consider shortening rest intervals, to be safe.   


Increase resistance.   

Gradually increasing the weight you lift intensifies the stimulus the muscle receives at the point of failure during the last repetition. Once you add resistance it raises the intensity, and the muscle will go beyond its previous point of failure. “Try to add more resistance to each workout session every two to four weeks.   


Pre-fatigue the muscle. 

By first doing a smaller exercise before the primitive exercise you exhaust the target muscle so that when you advance to the initial exercise, the fatigued primary muscle will fail before the smaller assistance muscles do.


Add supersets. 

A superset involves performing two exercises consecutively without a rest interval. If you conduct an intense workout for the same muscle group, the total time under tension will increase based on the intensity and workout itself, by doing this you tap into different muscle fibers as you go from one exercise to the other. This triggers greater percentages of the muscle area, which stimulates extra growth.


Change repetition tempo.   

A repetition performed at a fast pace typically allows the use of heavier weights, but such rapid acceleration provides momentum. Performing a repetition slowly reduces momentum and increases muscle tension throughout the range of motion. Switching from a slow pace to a fast pace taps into different muscle fibers, ensuring maximum muscle intensity.  


Use power-paused repetitions.   

A paused rep will allow you to strive past the point of positive muscular failure by giving your muscle with a few seconds rest in static isometric contraction mode. A power pause can be taken at any time during the positive phase of the repetition.  


Add drop sets.

A drop set extends an exercise past failure by decreasing the weight so more reps can be performed. Once you reach muscular failure at the end of a set, immediately decrease the resistance by 20 to 30 percent and then continue the exercise, try to complete a few more reps until you reach failure with the lower weights 


Add forced reps.   

A forced rep is an assisted repetition. When you reach the point of positive muscular failure, your trainer helps you perform another complete repetition by assisting with the lift. This technique allows you to push past the point of positive failure.  


Use static contraction.

A static (or isometric) contraction is the force generated in a muscle when there’s no motion and the weight is held still. By holding a static contraction in the muscle, the muscle will be forced to continue working past the point of failure.   


Add negative reps.   

The strongest part of repetition is the negative phase of lowering the weight. This high-intensity strategy uses the strong eccentric (or negative) muscle contraction to perform extra work beyond concentric and isometric muscular failure.  

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