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Weight loss is the dream of many people, but only a few have the dedication to workout regularly. The most common misconception about weight loss is that you need to work out for hours to shed a few pounds.


However, the truth is that if you workout on the right machines and take care of your diet; you can see the results within a few months. This article shares the details of some machines that can help you to shed pounds within a short period.





Runners on Treadmill.



The treadmill is the most common machine for weight loss as it offers complete body cardio. You can use a treadmill for the brisk walk and running exercises. A treadmill is best for jogging in the gym or home which allows you to walk and run without going out on the street or ground.


If weight loss is your aim, the best way to use a treadmill is to run on its belt without holding the handles.  Running continuously on a treadmill is the best way to lose weight quickly.




Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are present in almost every gym in Brisbane. If you love to pedal and don’t want to deal with the city traffic, exercise bikes are the best for you.


Using an exercise bike is as easy as riding a real bicycle on the road. However, the resistance level of exercise bike is high to burn calories. Just sit on the bike, grab the handle, place your feet on the paddles and start riding.




Rowing machines

Female using rowing machine.





Rowing machines are some of the ​best gym machines for weight loss that targets​ large muscle groups. While exercising on a rowing machine, you use major muscles groups in the upper and lower body.


Rowing machines are best for those who have less time to work out as it burns more calories than treadmill when used for the same time. They are a part of almost every gym equipment Brisbane and helps you to lose weight quickly as compared to other machines.




Stair Stepper

Female using stair stepper.




Attack the back

Stair stepper provides you with the workout you get from climbing the real stairs. You work against the gravity while exercising on a stair stepper machine. These machines are not the best choice for people with foot or knee problems, but they are beneficial for losing weight.


While choosing the best stair stepper machine, you should look out for the one with a heavy base as it offers you the maximum support. Although these machines need more space, they are much useful for weight loss.




Stair climber

Stair climber machine works in the same way as climbing the real stairs. A stair climber works in the same way as a treadmill. You use it by climbing the stairs similarly as you do while climbing a fast-moving escalator.


Workout on a stair climber machine is one of the toughest workouts on the gym machines. However, stair climbers are highly useful for people who have busy schedules and want to lose weight in a short time.




Elliptical Trainer

Female using Elliptical Trainer.



The elliptical trainer offers you the same cardio benefits as a treadmill. However, the machine does not affect the joints in any way. The elliptical trainer machine is the perfect solution for people who want a complete body workout without straining their knees, hips, and ankles.


Some elliptical machines also allow you to pedal in the reverse direction to workout different groups of muscles. Some machines have the poles similar to ski poles using which you can also exercise your arms while exercising your legs.



Stability ball

Female using stability ball.




Huffington Post

Stability ball also known as the gym ball and yoga ball helps you lose weight quickly. Stability balls are gaining popularity among people who want to do high-intensity exercises for losing weight.


It is possible to perform a wide range of workouts on a stability ball, which is effective for burning fat. The stability ball is found in almost all gyms; however, it is the best equipment you can use to workout at home as it is light in weight.


The popular workout on stability ball includes stability ball pushups, crunches, planks, Russian twist, hip thrust and roll out. Stability ball makes the exercise more intense as you need to exercise as well as maintain your body balance on the ball.




Final words

Losing weight at home is not easy; however, there are a variety of machines available in the gyms that make exercising easier than ever. People face hard times losing weight without gym equipment as their body does not get the complete cardio workout it needs to burn fat.


Gym machines make the workout more intense but easy as they help you to maintain your balance while exercising. Moreover, a low calorie but nutritious diet is essential to boost your weight loss program and achieve your fitness goals faster.

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