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Vitamins can be beneficial, with a diet you can outeat any supplement and neutralize a lot of the benefits of supplements. Don’t expect all to be and wash your vitamin pills down with Coke and a doughnut. Won’t work.


Native Diet and Nutrition – Among the pioneers of nourishment was a dentist. Weston Price, that, together with his wife who’d been a nurse, went the entire world from the 30s a la Indiana Jones kind Pan Am airplanes, visiting 12 civilizations on 5 continents and wrote a fundamental book entitled: NUTRITION AND PHYSICAL DEGENERATION.


What they found is that as their regional diet that is native was eaten by people, every culture had exceptional health. And these diets varied from carnivore to every combination and herbivore in between. A disease like diabetes mellitus can be reversed with diet. The moment a civilization started embracing A processed Western diet, their health started to fail, first and most markedly from the mouth area, then followed by each condition from multiple diseases, to cancer into Downs syndrome.


There’s nobody perfect diet of the race for the 6 billion individuals.


Eat Your Body Type – After you have established your cultural diet that suits your physique, and you are eating a diet of unprocessed foods with minimal if any added sugar then we need to address the value of natural nutritional supplements.


There are now about 20, 000 peer-reviewed scientific studies showing your merits of natural supplements. Books b, and myself, Michael Murray, Mel Werbach, Sheldon Hendler, and others have emphasized the strong scientific platform for your use of the nutritional intervention.



You Can Reverse Various Diseases and Get Healthier

These vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, food extracts, and herbaceous plants have shown into doing everything from preventing into reverse different diseases. One study from your National Defense Council Foundation estimated that providing natural nutritional supplements to military personnel would save the US government $6.3 billion annually in healthcare costs.


Another study conducted by Pracon, that a think tank from Reston, Virginia, estimated that providing modest doses of anti-oxidant natural Supplements for the American public would save more than 8.7 billion annually in pointless healthcare costs from heart problems, cancer, and cataracts.


Another study published in your Western Medical Journal, May of 1997 showed a conservative $20 billion from hospital costs might be saved annually by providing women that are pregnant with supplements including folacin and older people with supplements including E vitamin.


A professor of business at Northwestern University. Dranove has estimated that each dollar invested in E vitamin nutritional supplements would save $50 in heart treatments later on.


Vitamin E might Help enhance your vision too!


High Dose Nutrients Improve Chances for Remission – There are literally hundreds of good studies supporting the use of nutrition supplements for cancer sufferers who’re being medically treated.

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