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Every time you walk into your favourite beauty aisle, you notice yet another new brand on the shelf waiting to make its way into the spotlight. Then there are the already established brands that are on the top of the beautiful food chain, and many of them have already built a household reputation and have made their way into every beauty cabinet in the world at one time or another.


Now that the world is slowly marching towards a more sustainable future, or at least so we hope, there are other, healthier options emerging as your beauty saviours. You may at first be reluctant to try them, but a single glance at their simple and transparent ingredient lists, and you’ll soon realize that these little things in life can truly make a significant difference in your health and beauty. So, for those who still need some convincing, read on and prepare to be dazzled by the natural, cruelty-free beauty movement!



Keeping the planet healthy.

If you take a closer look at your typical mass-produced brand item, you’ll see a slew of ingredients that you can either barely pronounce, or that are entirely meaningless. Synthetically-produced chemicals alongside numerous toxic elements are often used in these pricey bottles, even though they are not just dangerous for your own wellbeing, but also cause trouble for our already exhausted ecosystem.


On the other hand, natural skincare, as well as makeup products, are made with Earth-friendly ingredients and in equally Earth-friendly conditions. They utilize a smart use of resources to produce items that contain very few, but very effective ingredients that will not overburden the environment once you discard your bottles.



Cleansing your pores.

Although every single one of us has different skin issues, from dry patches, irritations, all the way to severe conditions such as psoriasis or acne, we also react differently to the ingredients in our beauty products. You can never be certain that everything natural will be ideal for your particular situation, which is precisely why you need to check with your dermatologist first before you opt for a new skin product.


Woman with flower.


However, there are many known natural ingredients that are extremely healthy for your skin, and that are often used when you want to help your pores ditch all the dead-cell and dirt buildup as well as heal your skin. While typical commercial beauty items are often a mixed batch of nourishing and harmful, natural products carry will only nourish when you find the perfect match for your skin.



Making the world a kinder place.

An important factor in how a certain product is made, tested, and sold is whether or not it contains any animal products or byproducts, and if it has been tested on animals. From the way these products are packed, all the way down to each ingredient on the list, some of the most eco-conscious brands also strives to adopt a cruelty-free policy.


In addition to steering clear of causing harms to innocent animals, choosing vegan skincare for your beauty routine means that you will also help heal the planet, as well as your skin. A product that is based solely on plants and has a simpler list of key ingredients is a powerful way to help the environment, much like switching to a vegan diet.



Protective of your skin.

As your largest protective organ, your skin is constantly exposed to the elements, and as such, it needs ample protection from healthy, plant-based ingredients. These are naturally filled with vitamins, minerals, and other essential goodies that are vital for keeping your skin protected from environmental damage such as harsh winds, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. For instance, using a mineral bb cream packed with aloe vera can help you keep your pores sun-safe and balance your skin tone simultaneously.




Unlike artificial fragrances, colours, parabens and the like, naturally-sourced ingredients help nourish your pores without causing any damage. The same goes for natural makeup – you will not only achieve the look you desire and emphasize your most loved features, but you’ll simultaneously provide your skin with a true pampering session in the form of nourishing makeup.



Long-term results.

As you switch to a natural beauty routine, you’ll notice that your skin quickly shows results in the form of even skin tone, less irritation, and less prominent eye-bags for starters. However, with regular use of all-natural products, you’ll see that the perks stretch well beyond those momentary effects, but they actually help your skin stay resilient and vibrant throughout the years.


With less exposure to chemicals and toxins that you can find in your old chemically-laden beauty products, your skin will soon detox and cleanse, to make way for a healthier, more radiant complexion. You can finally forget about those strange side-effects of toxic buildup when you continuously use products filled with synthetic nasties.

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