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Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from certain plants, manifesting as a highly concentrated liquid containing the essence and many of the benefits of the respective plant. For example, it takes over 3000 lemons to get just 15ml of lemon essential oil.


Essential oils are often lauded for their incredible versatility and effectiveness when used correctly. Certain oils can ease the pain, relieve anxiety, help you focus, fight germs and viruses, and even clean your house.


You can use them topically, inhale them directly from the bottle or diffuse them for aromatherapy, or ingest them in special cases.



How To Use Essential Oils.

There are a number of ways to use essential oils. The best method of use depends on the reason you’re using them, but the most common ways include:


Topical application

Mixing the essential oil of choice with a carrier oil (typically jojoba, olive, sunflower, or coconut), and applying directly to the skin with fingertips or a roller bottle.


The use of carrier oil is important for certain essential oils because direct, undiluted application of these particular ones could result in a reaction from sensitive skin. On the other hand, some oils are so mild that they can even be used on babies. An essential oils reference guide can help you identify uses for oils and how to safely apply them.



Aromatherapy message being done to woman laying down.


Inhaling the oil’s aroma either directly from the bottle itself or through diffusing the essential oil into the air with a diffuser. This is one of the most common methods, but it is important to keep in mind that some essential oils can be harmful to pets, and some should not be used on or around children under a certain age.


Researching your preferred oils carefully before use can prevent any problems.



Ingestion can be as simple as ingesting a few drops of the oil.


Typically, however, ingestion is done by adding essential oils to foods or drinks (such as adding lavender to cookies or lemonade) but not all oils are suitable for ingestion. Furthermore, ingestion of lower-quality oils can have harmful effects, so it is critical to ensure that your essential oils are high-quality therapeutic grade oils.



Essential oils are generally safe and harmless, with the benefits far outweighing any risk. However, as with anything, allergic reactions are always possible.If you know you’re allergic to citrus, for example, you’ll want to avoid or use caution with any citrusy essential oils.


Some pets can be harmed by the diffusion of certain oils, and some should not be used on or around children under a certain age. It’s important to research your oils well and use alternatives if you have pets or children who could be harmed by the use of your favorite oil.


Oils should be stored, before and after mixing with carrier oils, in dark-colored glass bottles to prevent sunlight from breaking them down. Store oils in a cool, dry place so heat doesn’t degrade them, either.



Best starter oils

When you’re just starting to use oils, there are some basics that offer numerous benefits that are great to start with. These include:



Arborvitae Essential Oil


Arborvitae leave in a beautiful garden.


Insect repellent.



Frankincense Essential Oil


Frankincense pieces grouped together on table.


Anti-inflammatory, heals bruising, boost immunity and emotional well-being.



Lavender Essential Oil


A bottle of lavender and olive oil.


Helps with stress relief, anxiety, sleep and a host of other things. It’s widely believed to be the most versatile oil of them all.



Peppermint Essential Oil


Peppermint oil bottles side by side.


Improve pain, ease digestive issues, relieve headaches, reduce fevers.



Wild Orange Essential Oil

Beautiful close picture of a wild orange flower.


Boosts energy. Also has antibacterial properties that work great for cleaning.


Essential oils have a plethora of uses, and their benefits are almost endless. They’re a natural healing method for many things, and they can be mixed together to create a unique blend that has multiple benefits.


Incorporate essential oils into your life for better health, skin, mental health and your overall environment.


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