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Massaging of the body muscles is recommended by doctors all over the world for obtaining various health benefits. Hence, massage therapy is a helpful treatment that is practiced by trained therapists now, who claim to provide overall relief to most of the physical and mental problems of patients.  This kind of therapy is available in most spas, health clubs, doctors’ clinics, hospitals, and the restrooms of airports, hotels and other commercial establishments. Thus, people can easily enjoy the numerous benefits of body massaging at their leisure time.


female physiotherapist inspecting her patient. Medical check at the shoulder in a physiotherapy center.


Major health benefits of massage therapy on the body and mind


  • Provides relaxation from stress –The expert massages of the head and the body can reduce production of a hormone named cortisol, which is responsible for causing mental stress.  The excess of stress may result in obesity, headache, insomnia, and digestive ailments, which can be cured by regular, massage therapy of the entire body. As people are relieved from the stress and anxiety, they feel more cheerful and relaxed all the time. There is an increased production of serotonin and dopamine in the body that makes people feel happier.

  • Reduces muscle pains and stiffness –The regular massages by trained therapists can ease out the stiffness of the body muscles that are usually caused due to prolonged sitting in the same position. The pains created in the muscles are reduced to a great extent, also diminishing oedema or swelling of the muscles in the body joints. Hence, the flexibility of the muscles is highly increased, resulting in betterment of the body postures.


  • Control high blood pressure –The daily messages are especially beneficial for patients suffering from high blood pressure as their blood pressure levels are normalized without any medication. Actually, the mental relief from stress or anxiety results in lowering the blood pressure level in the body.


  • Betterment of blood circulation –The regular massage therapy can improve the rate of blood circulation through all the arteries and veins of the body. Hence, every tissue of the body is enriched by the flow of fresh oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood, which help in curing all the damaged cells faster. Likewise, the massaging actions also activate the lymphatic nodes and increase the flow of lymphatic fluids through the body system that helps in faster excretion of the metabolic wastes out from the body.


  • Enhances the immunity power –The immune system of the body can be made stronger with regular massages, with greater capacity to kill the harmful bacteria and viruses, for protecting the body against all kinds of infections. Moreover, the immunity is further strengthened with better supply of nutrition to the body cells due to the effective massage therapy.


Young blond woman receiving a head massage in a spa center with eyes closed. Female patient is receiving treatment by professional therapist.


  • Faster cure from post-surgical effects –The patients often suffer from various post-surgical side effects that may trouble them for days. However, the massage-therapy sessions for a few days by an expert therapist can completely cure all pains and swelling of the body muscles, make the body joints more flexible and re-energize all the nerves of the body.


  • Ensures sound sleep –The body massage can result in a sound sleep, as it calms down the agitated nerves of the body and creates suitable waves from the brain that makes the person receiving massages fall asleep instantly. So, this treatment is applicable to patients suffering from sleeplessness owing to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.


The expert massaging can also cure headaches, backache and arthritic pains of the body joints, providing overall relief to the patients from their physical and mental agonies.

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