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At the food brand concept is a great visual tool to help us see the food choices which we should be making.


The Okinawa Diet food is based on 25 years of study and reflects the eating routine and routines of the longest-lived most healthy group of people on earth.


The most well-known food brand comes in this originator of this concept.


The United States Department of Agriculture food pyramid has come under many reviews recently and is seen by many as obsolete. This has prompted the United States Department of Agriculture to announce they’ll be revising their pyramid.


We hope they look carefully at the study behind the Okinawa Diet food during their upgrades, as our study shows the Okinawa Diet food brand is a substantial improvement upon the United States Department of Agriculture food pyramid.


Let us compare the two pyramids.


While there are defined similarities, the Okinawa Diet food plan shows more obviously how to divide foods into weekly and daily classes so you might easily judge no matter if you are eating particular foods too often or not often enough.


The top of the United States Department of Agriculture pyramid ignores significant differences among types of fats.



Here are some places that I feel should be emphasized on a little more:


  1. The dairy segment should emphasize low-fat selections, and the two to 3 servings a day in the United States Department of Agriculture pyramid might very well be too much. Potentially health promoting fish and beans are lumped in this same group with red meat. This gives the false impression which two to 3 servings a day of red meat could be healthful, it’d not.
  2. The grain segment should emphasize whole grains. At the Okinawa Diet Food Pyramid can be a scientifically proven guideline for healthful eating.



Fruits and veggies should receive stronger emphasis.


We strongly encourage you to have a look at this Okinawa Diet Food Pyramid, print it and post it to your fridge door, where it can serve as a handy guide for you or your family in making healthy food choices.



Things To Look At With The Okinawa Diet Caloric Density Pyramid.

Reduce this quantity of calories not the quantity of food, the main concept behind the Okinawa Diet healthful weight management philosophy is this principle of caloric density.


Eat more food with a lower caloric density and less food with a higher caloric density. The net effect is ingestion of more food with fewer calories.


We all have to eat a certain quantity of food to feel comfortably full, usually between two and three pounds a day. So cutting back too much on this quantity of food we eat is this wrong approach to weight reduction. At the number of calories per serving is 110.

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