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Lice are tiny, white or greyish black insects that crawl through the human hair in most cases. These insects can be spread from person to person, especially through physical contact with an infected person head. The rate at which these insects multiply is actually fascinating. A female louse can lay up to 100 eggs which hatch in around7-10 days.

These eggs are known as nits. That’s pretty fast, right? They come along with many effects which explain why it’s important to get rid of them with immediate effect. Infected persons experience difficulties in sleep since lice are active at dark. There is an irritating itchy feeling that results from the movement of these insects through the hair, victims often scratch their heads and it eventually results in sores. Are you having such problems and you’ve no idea what to do?

Here are 8 great ways of wiping out these insects that won’t leave you disappointed:

Use of Olive Oil

You’re probably asking yourself why on earth you need this kitchen staple. Believe it or not, it’s an outstanding smothering agent. Lice suffocate and die when olive oil plugs their breathing holes. However, for good results, it should be applied under a shower cap at night. These creatures are capable of surviving for a couple of hours without breathing. To remove nits, the victims should comb their hair carefully. Doing this for a month or so will yield the best results.


This method is effective in killing nits but not so much for live lice. A blow dryer is capable of eradicating 98% and 55% nits and lice respectively. For efficient extermination, the dryer should be used on washed hair. However, in case you’ve applied a chemical treatment to get rid of lice in your hair, this method should be avoided. The chemicals may sometimes contain flammable ingredients.


It’s a natural insecticide that is normally derived from bacteria in the soil. Some lotions contain Spinosad, for instance, Natroba. This method is more effective than many techniques used. The liquid should be thoroughly applied to coat the scalp through dry hair from the roots to the far ends. It should be then left for a few minutes like 10 minutes before rinsing and combing. It’s a good method that gets rids of both lice and nits especially after combing. However, it’s important to ensure care is taken during this application as the insecticide may cause irritation to your eyes and skin.


Just like Spinosad, it’s found from microorganisms in the soil. The lice and nits are paralyzed and killed in this method. The lotion is applied to the scalp and dry hair and rinsed after a few minutes. Using Ivermectin on your hair for a few months guarantees total eradication of these insects. The side effects are significantly reduced to less than 1%.

Permethrin Lotion 1%

It’s basically a synthetic form of Pyrethrins and an active component in most over-the-counter products. It works by attacking live lice and nits after a few days of treatment. Permethrin should be used on shampooed hair that is not conditioned. However, if used much time, the insects could be resistant to medicine and it also has some allergic reactions.

Hair Styling Gel

Research shows that this method actually works well compared to all other home remedies. It kills the head lice by suffocating them through blocking their inhalation holes. For better results, hair should be fully coated with the gel along with the scalp. It should be then covered all night with a shower cap and washed out in the morning. The good thing is the styling gel is easy to wash out. Combing is necessary to get rid of nits and it’s recommended that the treatment is repeated after a few days.

Benzyl alcohol lotion 5%

This lotion is also very useful in the eradication of lice. However, it does not kill nits. It works by stunning the breathing apparatus of a louse. Research shows that at least two applications are required to get rid of head lice completely. The patient’s hair and scalp are saturated with the lotion which is then rinsed after a few minutes. Eventually combing the hair helps to get rid of dead lice. Some of the side effects you should be cautious of are the eye and skin irritation.

Nitpicking and combing

Well, unlike other methods, this treatment is only effective if used in conjunction with other methods. Hair should be combed section by section for easy removal of lice and nits. Extracting lice by hands could take a really long time and fine-toothed metal combs are normally used to save time. It’s not only quick but also cleaner and tidier. A magnification light can also be utilized to pick out any strays that are probably left behind. To get rid of lice, you need to pick every single egg. That explains why this method is helpful.

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