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We are surrounded by people who have a tummy and others who are overweight and wonder what they can do to do away with the increasing weight in their body. Even the obese person can go through some practical skills and find them having lost weight tremendously over a short period. Not everyone is actually satisfied with their growing body.

This article will draw away the fear in you about weight by introducing to you seven unique ways which will drastically help you reduce the unwanted fat accommodation in your body. The methods highlighted below;

Reduce the consumption of sugar and starchy foods

In order to lose weight, you need to cut on carbs consumption. Cutting on consumption of sugar and starchy foods reduces the body’s intake of calories and even hunger.

Adoption of this method makes your body to feed on stored fats instead of burning more fats and storing them in your body. There are other benefits associated with cutting calories is that it cuts the insulin level. This causes pressure on your kidney forcing them to drain out excess sodium and water from the body. Bringing down sodium and water level in the body will help you do away with body bloats and body water weights.

Even obese people can manage to identify weight to lose changes from fat and water loss. Reduced eating of calories and overeating when angry will help you in weight loss practices. Reducing carbs and sugar from your diet lowers your appetite, insulin level and make one lose weight without subjecting themselves to hunger.

Feeding on vegetables, fats, and proteins

The recommended consumption of starchy food is about 20-30 grams daily. Ensuring that you feed on vegetable with low carb, fat, and protein contained dish will increase your chances of weight loss.

Ensuring that your food is balanced with proteins and fats and low carb vegetable will have a dramatic impact on your weight by lowering your feed consumption rate. Some proteins include fish, eggs, and meat.

Proteins stand asking when it comes to weight loss since it will make you lose weight through increased metabolism. Despite the fact that it boosts metabolism, proteins reduce food consumption rate and cravings for food by keeping you full. Consume low carb vegetables like spinach, cabbages, tomatoes, cucumbers among others you will get.

A diet containing the above food elements will help you lower weight because it has all essential minerals, vitamins, and fibres. The compounds help you lose 20-50grams carbs intake.


Walking can be a possible practice you will require in order to lose weight. Walking is a way of exercise and will help you do away with one pound per week. Find actual practices and schedule them in your daily program in order to increase the burning of calories from your body.

This practice will make you lose low wait but it is essential to your health and body activity. Engage in this practice today and record results in weight loss after several months.

Weighting lifting 3-4 times per week

Going for warmups and lifting weight like going to the gym three to four times a week can be helpful in burning off excess calories in your body. Results are visible after a short span of practice thus recommendable to adopt this method of weight loss.

Lifting weight does not only help you in your weight loss process but also helps you shape your body at the same time increasing your metabolism rate. We all understand the essence of high metabolism to the case of weight loss.

Weightlifting is not possible to you still have other options for you like running and swimming and the next step.

Limit your eating habits

Some people find themselves eating everywhere, around the streets, in the kitchen, in the working area, while driving and other places you can mention. Having these unplanned eating plans can affect your weight loss program to a great degree.

Cut off some of the eating habits you are adapted to and ensure that you eat only at the scheduled time of meals. But still, ensure you do not consume a lot of food.

Drink water half an hour before mealtime

It will surprise you how your weight will reduce by adopting this method. Research has proved that taking water before meals increases weight loss by about 44% over the duration of three months. Try it today and experience great loss in weight.

Drinking coffee and strong tea

Am sure if you are obsessed with tea and coffee consumption you have a testimony of this point. Drinking tea increases the rate of metabolism as a function of caffeine the chemical compound contained in tea and coffee. Tea and coffee will boost metabolism by 3-11% thus helping in reduction of body sodium and water and also raising the rate of calorie break down thus reduced rate.


If you have issues with your weigh accumulation try the above 7 ways of weight loss and you will record weight loss over a short time.

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