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Diabetes can be controlled with a balanced diet plan and regular exercise. As it is a lifestyle disease, you can care for diabetes in alternate ways. Allopathic and homeopathy are favorable treatments for diabetes.


But, you can also cure it in some creative ways. For example, you can buy special diabetic shoes that’ll help to prevent signs of diabetes. There are wide shoes for men and women that can help to prevent swelling of the foot area if you are a diabetic. Let’s take a look at 7 creative ways to care for diabetes:



  1. Meditation


Yoga class. Young couple are meditating and doing yoga exercises while sitting in lotus pose on a green grass in open field. Sunny morning. Meditation concept


Chronic stress leads to a rise in the blood sugar level. The best way to release stress is through meditation. You can practice meditation for half-hour daily to get rid of chronic stress in the body. Meditation is safe and the most effective way to stay off stress. It also helps keeps the body active and fit.



  1. Have bitter melon


bitter melon, balsam pear, bitter cucumber or bitter gourd isolated on white background


Do you know that bitter melon is good for treating diabetes? Bitter melon has insulin-like properties that help to treat diabetes and lower the insulin level of the body. You can have these seeds in powder form. Consume it with water or you can also make a tea out of it. This will help to control your diabetes.



  1. Acupuncture


Close-up Of Relaxed Young Woman Going Through Acupuncture Treatment In Spa


Acupuncture is not a new therapy. You might have heard about it. But, it’s surely an effective way to care for diabetes or prevent it. Acupuncture is effective to stop the pain from nerve damage caused by diabetes. It is like a natural painkiller. But, you need to seek professional help for acupuncture therapy.



  1. Diabetic shoes


This is perhaps the most creative way to care for diabetes. Creative for a reason that shoe can prevent foot problems that are caused by the condition. Wide shoes for men and women that are available in a diabetic range can prevent swelling and inflammation that is common in diabetes. And the best part is shoes are available in every size.



  1. Have vitamin C


Juicy orange beside orange slices. Oranges are full of vitamin C.


Vitamin C not only boosts the normal immunity of your body. But, it also acts on diabetes. It is been proved in research that vitamin C can lower the high blood sugar level of the body. It is a natural way to cure diabetes. You can consult your doctor before starting a dose of vitamin C. It will make a difference for sure.



  1. Guided imagery


Do you have any idea about guided imagery? Well, it is a relaxation technique that allows you to imagine peaceful mental images. This technique is useful to control your blood sugar level in the body. It not only helps to reduce chronic stress but also helps to keep your diabetes in control.



  1. Fig leaves


Fresh green fig on a branch of fig tree.


Fig leaves are also effective in curing diabetes. It is an unusual way to take care of diabetes. You can use it in natural form or herbal form. You can also mix it with water and have it for your condition. It is effective to lower the normal blood sugar level of the body.


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