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Myopia can be described as a typical eye disorder where the light focuses in front of the retina creating an obstruction for a clear vision. In general, the light that focuses on the retina helps us to see the world but when an individual faces such difficulties, it makes the distance objects blurry. The problem can also lead to experience numerous problems like eye-strain, headache, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment and others in the future. This disease is now increasing at an alarming rate around the world. The symptoms of this disorder can be controlled at an early stage to avoid severe results. The good news is that there are numerous methods for myopia control and the article will highlight 6 important steps to control myopia.


  1. Conduct Proper Research


Myopia is a strange disorder that leads to the experience of several vision problems and eye conditions. It is also hard for the professional eye doctors to detect the progress of the disease and hence you have to conduct proper research to know more about the disorder. You must go through a proper study about how to cure this visual disorder and its symptoms at an early stage so that there will be no need of going to an eye doctor and meet with hard times. Even though consultation with a professional optometrist can be helpful and detailed research will help you understand the disorder and take the right precaution for myopia control.


  1. Consult a Professional Optometrist


If you are facing vision problems and the symptoms are very similar to myopia, we suggest you consult with an expert, who can help you to guide you on myopia control.  But over the time it has been seen that most doctors do not have special training in myopia control. They can just prescribe glasses and contact lenses to their patients to see clearly. Nowadays you can easily find an eye doctor in your locality; however, you must find an expert, who could help you to overcome the disorder and has the expertise to control it


  1. Outdoor Activities


There are numerous researches that show the tendency of myopia is higher among the children. The are many doctors who claim, children who spend more time indoors, are likely to develop myopia.  Regular exposure to outdoor activities can help them to have a clear and vivid vision to control the disease easily. Parents are suggested to allow their kids for daily outdoor activities and it will be helpful. Instead of sitting inside their house and watching electronic devices, they should have a morning walk, an evening stroll, playing in the park, swimming sessions which would be very helpful to control the disorder.


  1. Look Out For Orthokeratology


Orthokeratology or Ortho-K is an effective treatment for the patients of myopia and if you are looking for the best myopia control method, you can definitely consider it. Many patients have admitted that Orthokeratology or Ortho-K has benefited them with clear daytime vision without any glasses or contacts. If you are about to consult your doctor regarding this problem, make sure to ask about Orthokeratology and we hope it will help you.


  1. Discourage Digital Device Addiction


The younger children nowadays spend their free time using electronic gadgets and mobile phones for their school works or maybe playing online games The rays of these gadgets mostly affect their eyes causing to myopia. The high school going student s must be given less than two hours per day to spend on close visual tasks and for the younger even less than that.


Myopia can be controlled with vision therapy and if you are facing excessive eye-strain, we suggest you reduce your screen time immediately.


  1. Atropine


Atropine eye drops that have been reported to work miraculously for myopia control. It helps the progression gradually and the use is very common among Asian compared to the Europeans. Instead of taking in and out your lenses, you can just have one drop of Atropine in each eye once in a day.


The above-mentioned guidelines can help you for myopia control and if is suffering from myopia and looking for alternative methods to control the disorder, then we hope you have already got the answer to your questions.

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