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Tooth decay almost tops the charts when you are considering oral issues amongst both kids as well as the adults. Tooth decay and gum disease are said to be the most prevalent issue. Plaque buildup on the teeth mainly gives rise to tooth decay.


Plaque happens to be acidic in nature and makes the enamel of the teeth to erode away. It is formed when bacteria are attracted by the sugars present in the mouth. This ultimately leads to the formation of a cavity.



Significant Tips to Avoid Dental Decay



As the size of the cavity enhances, the bacteria from the mouth can invade the tooth pulp and cause the inflammation that can lead to an abscess which is a form of infection. This can give rise to a lot of pain and discomfort as well as a lot of expensive oral treatment bills.


So, the best thing is to prevent tooth decay as much as possible. Here are some tips that will help you to control and keep the oath decay at bay. Just read on.


  • Brush the Teeth with Fluoride Toothpaste – Usually, it is ideal to brush after each and every meal and the minimum is brushing your teeth at least twice a day. It is highly recommended to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. The space between the teeth can be cleaned by interdental cleaner or floss.  If you have consumed the sugary foods, you should wait at least for 30 minutes prior to brushing so that the enamel on the teeth is not brushed away. If you are unable to brush the teeth you should at least rinse the mouth with mouthwash or water. If you have a young child, it is vital to consult the dentist about how to care for the teeth.


  • Floss on a Daily Basis – Your teeth cleaning is not complete without flossing. The floss can even reach those crevices that are too small for the bristles of the brush to reach. That is why it is necessary to clean the mouth. Plaque is built in the small spots between the teeth and around your gum line that often results in the gum disease and tooth decay.


  • Put a Bar on Your Frequent Snacking and Sipping – Your teeth come under constant attack when you eat and drink throughout the day. This is especially true when you consume sugary foods. The sugars and the carbs in the mouth are eaten by the bacteria for producing acids that destroy the tooth enamel. The best thing is to have water frequently and taking the sips in between the bites and keeping the snacking to a minimum.


  • Swoosh with Mouthwash – You should rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash for an added boost to your oral health.


  • Go for Dental Sealant – Sealants are usually recommended for the school-age kids. Still, they are helpful for both the kids and the adults. These are protective coating made of plastic that seals off the crannies and the grooves where the food and the bacteria tend to collect. They are applied to the back teeth’s chewing surface and they almost last a decade before calling for a replacement.


  • Visit the Dentist Every Six Months – This is absolutely vital for the health of the teeth and the gums. You should visit the dentist twice every month for a check-up and dental cleaning twice every year. Don’t assume that you can skip an appointment just because your teeth look fine and you have not experienced any discomfort or pain. The dentist can see the symptoms of trouble and can recommend you for a tooth decay treatment before things get worse and you start suffering or a situation arises when tooth extraction becomes a mandate. Moreover, dental cleaning removes tartar that is almost impossible to be removed at home.


The above are some of the ways in which you can avoid dental decay and possess great oral health which will let you flaunt your smile whenever you want.

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