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Glaucoma is a type of eye disorder in which the fluid is built up in the front portion of the eye. This fluid puts up a pressure in the optic nerve of the eye and hence creates blindness. This glaucoma can be also called as the silent thief of the sight. Therefore we can say that the symptoms of glaucoma will be very low and the patient will come to know that he was affected by glaucoma only after he was treated in the eye or after the eyesight has gone. There are two types of Glaucoma which include open angled and closed angle. There are certain myths revolving around about the eye disorder. Let us discuss the myths being said about glaucoma.





Myths about Glaucoma:



People having great eyesight will not develop glaucoma:

This is one of the myths said about Glaucoma. The people who have clear eyesight will also be said to develop the eye disorder as the person will not be known whether he got glaucoma until it reaches the advanced stage. That it is the reason why it is called the silent thief of sight too. So, it is necessary for the person to look for it and go for regular checkups every year to confirm the arrival of Glaucoma. The skilled Ophthalmologist can identify the Glaucoma in the early stage. The early treated Glaucoma will not cause many defects in the eye thereby creating blindness.



The 60-year disease:

There is a myth being told that glaucoma affects only the older aged people and adults and the younger children are free from Glaucoma. But this is completely a myth as it would affect the people of all ages, races, sexes and even babies too. In a report made from many American Hospitals, it had been admitted that at least 10,000 babies are being born with glaucoma. Even the children without glaucoma have chances of getting secondary glaucoma. So considering the disease as the old age disease is just futile. So, it is important to consider glaucoma as a dreadful disease and proper check up at the minor stage is necessary to keep up with the disease.




Eye pressure is the only cause:

It is true that because of the eye pressure in the frontal part of the eye, glaucoma occurs due to the optic nerve defect. But it is not only the persons who have eye pressure had been detected with the eye disorder, but in most of the cases, glaucoma has been detected at normal eye pressure levels. So, it is just the myth to consider that the eye pressure is only the cause of glaucoma. The eye pressure can be due to any other sort of reasons also, but as glaucoma occurs without any symptoms, it is necessary to consider checking the eyes periodically without any destruction. It is best to go for a comprehensive eye exam to an Ophthalmologist for testing the eye for Glaucoma.





Nothing can be done to cure the Glaucoma:

This is also a great myth about glaucoma that it will not get cured. It is being said by many that the glaucoma is an eye disorder that will cause blindness and will not be cured as it puts some pressure on the optic nerve causing permanent eye damage and blindness. But it is a myth. With proper medications and treatment through surgery, it can be eliminated completely without making serious concern. For that, it is important to have a regular check-up to an ophthalmologist for diagnosing glaucoma in the early stage. If it is found out in the early stage it is easy to cure and can be treated with medications itself. Or else, it needs to be treated with some surgical methods by eliminating the fluid in the eyes thereby easing the pressure in the frontal part. Later the brain will be treating the optic nerve to regenerate and hence the vision can be regenerated too. The brain is constructed to regenerate the eye nerves and hence it will do so after the fluid is removed. But it is important to note that the fluid cannot be removed by the Brain. At the advanced level, sometimes for some persons even after regeneration, glaucoma may come but it is rarest of the rare cases.





Glaucoma is strictly genetic:

This myth may sound true but it is not as glaucoma may even occur to the baby whose parents who do not know what glaucoma mean. So, it is a myth that glaucoma is a genetic disease. The fluid storage cannot happen genetically and hence it is not to be believed that glaucoma is genetic. So, it is important to have an eye check-up to ensure that glaucoma does not occur to them.



These are the myths revolving around about the glaucoma occurrence. Glaucoma at early stages can be treated with the medications. But at advanced levels, it can be treated through some surgical methods like Trabeculoplasty, Filtering surgery, Drainage implant etc…



Knowing about the prevention of Glaucoma is good but there are no such prevention mechanisms other than that of regular eye examinations to check for glaucoma. Being cautious about the glaucoma is not needed but regular eye checks up is just enough to treat Glaucoma effectively.

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