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Being healthy means how you improve or augment your life to have a healthy lifestyle that includes major components that lead to good health. Healthy living means eating a variety of healthy foods with good nutrition and physically, mentally and emotionally active. In many instances, mental and physical health should go hand in hand, so that a change in one directly affects the other.


The article will include tips suggesting for emotional and mental “healthy living” and also some of the tips about the don’ts that lead to unhealthy living.



Eating of Good Nutrition

It is good to know what foods are healthy and what you can do to make sure you eat the healthiest diet as possible as you can. It is one thing to know all the things that make up a good diet and put it all together to create a healthy eating plan. Having a variety of foods including fibre, whole grains, fruit and vegetables, the limited amount of fat, sugar, and salt you eat are all recommended for good nutrition.



Physical Activity and Exercise

Physical exercise is one of the major contributors to healthy living. An unhealthy lifestyle may manifest itself in obesity, weakness, lack of endurance, and poor health that may lead to disease development. It is never too late to become more physically active. Here are some types of activities and ways to get you more active: Regular exercise, 3o-minute modest walking, or even doing some exercise using a chair.



Mental Health

Healthy living involves more than just physical health but also includes emotional or mental health. It also involves more on having enough sleep, having inner peace, and stability of the mind. There are some tips on how to support their mental health and well-being; you can try something new (i.e. eat new foods, travel to a place you haven’t been before), making sure you have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, doing mind exercises (i.e. playing mind games, reading books, magazines, or solving puzzles), have fun, be yourself, engage more activities with your friends and loved ones.




Emotional health is an important part of overall health. The way you feel somehow has a big effect on your state of mind and emotional well-being. People who are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Similarly, if you are emotionally agitated, your physical health and energy levels are affected. Emotionally healthy people still feel stress, anger, and sadness. But they know how to manage their negative feelings and are able to cope with life’s challenges.



Giving up Smoking and Alcohol

Since childhood, we’ve been warned of the effects that too much alcohol and smoking can do harm to our bodies. Smoking and alcohol are one of the most popular vices known to mankind. Giving up on something that you get addicted to is hard. When you start to withdraw with alcohol, you get irritated easily even to the smallest thing, you get weaker, groggy, having headaches, and crave always on something. The benefits that you can have after withdrawing from alcohol are your liver will start working; your blood sugar finally normalizes, and your risk of mouth, liver, and breast cancers reduces.


There is no safe level of smoking. The benefits to your health of stopping smoking even after 24 hours without a cigarette will be discussed.


First, the impact of smoking on a person includes the risk of having cardiovascular disease and stroke, expedite skin ageing and wrinkles, and the incidence of osteoporosis.


On the other hand, the benefits if you quit smoking, it will give time for your body to repair for itself, your immune system will show signs of recovery, it improves your sense of smell and taste, and also the risk of dying from heart disease will decrease.



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About Lucy

Lucy Miller is a nutrition student, marathon runner, and a passionate writer for Mind Your Zen, a brain nutrition supplement brand. She contributes to a number of blogs sharing useful health tips from her research as a nutrition student. She can be reached at [email protected]

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