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Allergies are one of the most prevalent household health problems many families struggle with on a daily basis. When a family member has allergies, you can bet that pulmonary inflammation and a sore throat are bound to follow. All of this creates a not-so-desirable living situation you need to resolve as soon as possible in order to create a healthy and thriving living environment.


While it is true that many allergies are food-based and that your children and other family members should stick to a healthy diet, the majority of allergies can come to life due to a contaminated living environment, so let’s take a look at five natural solutions to this problem.




Declutter on a regular basis

Declutter room.



Where there is clutter, there is dust, debris, and a whole lot of allergens. When physical clutter accumulates, these nasties become almost impossible to eliminate, which ultimately leads to a runny nose, headaches, and of course, allergic reactions.

Instead of letting physical clutter affect your psychological well-being and overall health, you want to tend to thorough decluttering on a regular basis. Once every couple of months should suffice, but make sure you leave no room unturned. Throw away everything you no longer need or haven’t used in a long time.



Clean your home with natural cleaners

Natural resources for cleaning purposes.



Now that your home is free of all that clutter, you can tend to deep cleaning and dusting. This should be a breeze now that you’re working with a clutter-free space, but that doesn’t mean that you should take the task lightly. Dust accumulates quickly in a household and weekly cleaning is imperative if you want to eliminate allergens and avoid subsequent health conditions.


What’s more, it’s not just about cleaning, it’s also about the products you use to achieve the desired effect. Proprietary cleaners can contain nasty, toxic, and abrasive ingredients that can actually spike your allergic reaction, so be sure to use only natural cleaners to keep your home spotless and healthy across the board.



Introduce air-purifying solutions




Air purification is the most important element of a healthy, allergy-free living environment, yet many homeowners take the matter far too lightly. Ensuring constant airflow throughout the household by airing every room is important, yes, but it is not enough to keep the interior free of allergens. During allergy seasons, in fact, it can be quite counterproductive.


This is why it’s important to introduce air-purifying plants and find the best air purifier for allergies to ensure the air in your home is absolutely free of any pathogens, dust, toxins, and outdoor chemicals. Keep in mind that although purification plants are useful, they are not powerful enough to combat the unhealthy particles in the air by themselves, which is why an air purifier is an important addition to your household.



Prevent mold from settling in

Clean bathroom



Mold is a fungus that grows in humid, damp environments, and is one of the most dangerous organisms that can settle into a household. Children and adults suffering from allergies and pulmonary conditions such as asthma can have a difficult time living in such a setting, oftentimes unaware that mold is causing their symptoms to worsen over time.


Contrary to popular belief, humans cannot adapt to the effects of mold – the symptoms can only get worse. To combat the onset of mold in your home, follow the necessary precautions:


  • Keep the bathroom airy and clean at all times.
  • Don’t forget to clean the shower curtain and in between the tiles.
  • Empty the washing machine and let it dry out.
  • Tend to all leaks in your home promptly.
  • Keep the house dry and air out every room.
  • Use a dehumidifier in critical areas such as the basement or the attic.
  • Wash the floors regularly.
  • Give the interior a fresh coat of paint every five to ten years depending on its state.



Control insects and pet hair

Lady in living room


Lastly, it’s important to understand how insect and pet hair control can help you banish allergies from your home. Insects not only carry pathogens and microbes, but their droppings can contain asthma and allergy triggers as well – all the more reason to keep your home clean and your family healthy.


When it comes to pet hair, there are a few things you should do regularly. Start by cleaning the carpets on a regular basis or removing them completely to prevent hair accumulation. Next, vacuum the hair from your furniture and flooring every couple of days, and lastly, make sure to brush away all excess hair from your pet every day.


Protecting your home against allergens is imperative in creating a healthy living environment for yourself and your family members. With these tips in mind, you can go ahead and eliminate allergies from your life altogether, and pave the way for a lifetime of health and happiness.

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