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Good oral care may not always guarantee disease-free teeth and gums. Even with regular brushing, flossing, rinsing and tongue cleaning, there may be oral health concerns to plaque you. If that happens, you should know there is something wrong with your lifestyle. Not eating the ​right foods, not drinking harmless beverages and ignoring the health of teeth and gums could also be a reason behind your poor oral health. Lifestyle factors can have a big impact on your dental health and the earlier you​ understand that the better. If you conduct yourself well in terms of food choices and drinks etc., your​ dental health is likely to stay good.

Here are some lifestyle factors that can affect your dental health –  

1. Bad food choices – What we choose to eat has a huge impact on the health of our teeth and gums ​. ​You just​ can’t go on eating anything and then expect ​dental health to stay without any troubles. Eating too much of sugary items, drinking tea, coffee, wine, sugary drinks, fruit juices etc. means you’re not concerned about your dental health. If you really care your teeth and teeth, you should then eat and drink only healthy items like water, fruits, vegetables, cheese, almonds, leafy greens, yogurt​, carrots, apples and foods rich in vitamins and minerals.  

2. Too much intake of sugary items– Sugar is bad for your dental health. It can weaken the enamel and harm the tooth structure, leading to premature tooth loss. Consuming it in any form, be it solid or liquid, can harm your pearly whites and gums without repair. Stop consumption of too many​ candies, fruit juices, sports drinks, chocolates or any other items laced with sugar. If you can’t resist the urge of sugar, this can lead to cavities and weak enamel over time. If possible, give more focus to oral care when you can’t avoid sugar at all. 

3. Smoking and tobacco products– Tobacco use in any form is bad for your dental health. If you chew tobacco or smoke, this can cause a variety of oral health problems including dry mouth, plaque build-up, tooth decay risks and worse still, oral cancer. The chemicals, additives, ​and flavors​ used in tobacco items can cause the worst type of staining and discoloration to your teeth. They may also lead to skin problems and throat cancer apart from causing gum problems and weakening the tooth structure. Stay away from tobacco if you want your teeth to shine and glow like they are meant to forever.  

Life choices.

4. Alcohol– Alcohol of any variety is bad for your oral health. In fact, those who drink are more likely to face oral problems than those who don’t. When you consume alcohol, it causes dehydration of the mouth leading to less production of saliva in the mouth. And when saliva production is hampered, this means all the leftover foods, plaque and bacteria in the mouth may not be washed away easily. More so, alcohol is acidic in nature and thus always poses a risk to the tooth enamel. Not to forget, it causes heart problems and takes quality out of life. 

5. Medication– Sometimes we continue using prescribed medications even without noticing their effect on our oral health. The ingredients present in some medicines are not good for our dental health, so we should be careful with their use. To avoid the problem, it’s better to visit best dental clinic and seek help. We should also visit the dentist frequently, twice a year at least for regular check-ups and cleaning. This will help us stay on top of our dental health and enjoy a quality life. 

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Praveen Singh is a writer and blogger, and a professional interested in sharing interesting ideas with the world. His blogs give a peek into things that aim to inform, enrich and entertain the readers. He loves sharing views on anything that provides value to the readers and helps broaden their horizon.

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