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Have you been searching for healthy snacks to munch on during the day? But you can’t seem to find any simple ideas? Here are 5 Healthy Fruits & Snacks That “Taste Good”



Why: The Blossom diet can be very high in spinach, eggplant, tomato and green beans, all foods with a high in anti-oxidants and significant vitamins and minerals.

The way to eat them Gently steam or stir-fry vegetarianism or toss them raw to your healthful salad. You may also grill or roast veggies, or bake them into per warm casserole.



Why: High in proteins And omega-3 fatty acids, getting your everyday dose of seafood may increase the suppleness of the skin, in addition, to shield your heart and brain from degenerative ailments.

The way to eat it, Grill, bake or roast fresh fish, eating a tasty serving one or two times per week.



Why: A great source of calcium, yogurt is eaten on a regular basis by people living in the Mediterranean. Two to 3 servings per day will keep your muscles strong and may stave off osteoporosis.

The way to eat it: Eat yogurt with a bowl of fresh berry for breakfast. Use yogurt instead of cream to create sauces and dips.


Nuts & Seeds 

Why: A great source of protein, especially for vegetarians, a handful of nuts or seeds every day can help you get the healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at its peak as well as to stave off dozens of degenerative diseases. Nuts and seeds also keep your levels of energy up through the day.

The way to consume them: Toss nuts and seeds in trail mix or per fresh vegetable salad.

Crush and also use to coat baked fish, poultry or lean meat.


Eggs & Meats 

Why: Lean sources of protein, like eggs, chicken, veal, and lamb, are staples in the Mediterranean diet. Eaten in moderation, they are also a rich source of protein and also nutrients vital to muscle, joint and also heart health.

The way To eat them Eat eggs in the morning or add them to per salad. Grill, saute, roast, bake or poach these healthful proteins.

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