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Every part of the body is quite essential to the well functioning of the body and should be well taken care of every time. Do you know your foot is as important to you as your eye? You are always on your feet each day attending to different activities, and your feet tend to suffer a tear, wear, infections and also fatigue. You should still make sure your feet look beautiful and smooth by taking good care of them.


Many people usually think that going for pedicure each month is enough but you should do more at home by following proper foot care.


If you want to have beautiful and smooth feet free from infections then try the following tips:




1. Take a Healthy Diet


Have you ever came across a person with inflamed feet? This is a sign of nutritional deficiency due to poor feeding. If you want to have healthy feet, then it starts with what you consume. If you consume a diet with a significant amount of refined grains, sugars and fats then you may later see your feet begin to swell and this will affect your daily activities.


If you suffer a condition like this, then try the following recommended dietary supplements like Omega-3 and fish oil supplements. You should also take food supplements with a high amount of vitamin B12 and avoid salty foods. Sometimes in life, you only need to sacrifice and change your lifestyle and feeding habits to get healthy feet.




2. Clean your Feet Regularly


Every time you walk to different places like the bathroom, toilet and even to work, your feet become dirty due to the sweating and even the dust. Clean your feet at least twice in a day, in the morning and the evening. When cleaning, try to use Luke warm water and antiseptic soap to kill all the bacteria on the feet. Allow your feet to soak in the water for about 5 minutes and then wash them. Dry your feet properly with a clean foot towel especially at the toes which are prone to fungal infections. When washing your feet avoid using hard water or hot water as it tends to remove the natural oils in your skin causing it to crack. When the feet are dry, apply a moisturizer to keep the feet oily and smooth.




3. Moisturize your Feet


Your feet will always suffer wear and tear and needs to be well moisturized all the time to withstand these effects. During the dry or winter seasons, the harsh climate usually causes the feet to dry up fast and can even crack, Take time and apply your moisturizer rubbing on your feet for almost 5 minutes to ensure it’s well absorbed. If you observe cracks on your heels, then you need to use an oilier moisturizer like the olive oil and coconut oil. During the winter, ensure that you wear cotton socks at night after applying the moisturizer to maintain it and allow absorption into the skin.




4. Scrub Your Feet


This is also called exfoliating which entails the removal of the dead skin from the feet. The practice should be done twice in a week to make the feet soft and smooth. Start by soaking the feet in the lukewarm water for 10 minutes to allow the heels to be soft. Now use the scrubber to remove the dead skin on the heels by rubbing gently on it.


Later, use your pumice stone to make the heels smooth but make sure to do it gently for 5 minutes not to tear your skin. After cleaning the heels, use your paste scrubber to clean on top of your feet and rub it up your feet to clean all the dead skin. Wash it off and dry your feet thoroughly. Using your massage oil, you can massage your feet from the top to down at the heels to ensure circulation of blood. Apply a creamy moisturizer after the process, and you will feel how your feet have become soft and smooth.




5. Trim your Toe Nails


You should at all times keep short toenails to prevent infections. Long toenails usually accumulate dirt which causes fungal infections. Keeping your nails short prevents you from developing ingrown nails, pincer, and spoon-shaped nails which look ugly on the open shoes. Wearing closed shoes with long nails usually causes pain to your foot as you walk.


If you need to have healthy and smooth feet which everyone feels the urge to touch, then learn to take care of your feet yourself. Paying people at the parlor to take care of your feet is not enough to create time and do it, and you will love to see the good results.

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