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Your vaginal hygiene isas important as any other part of your body. Most women tend to ignore vaginal hygiene. If the vaginal area is not cleaned properly, then it may cause bacterial infections and UTI in most cases.

It’s important to use products that help to maintain the Ph balance of the vagina. There are many products available today that can help you to maintain your vaginal health and hygiene. V tight cream is one such cream that helps to tighten the vagina and eliminates dryness. Listed below are 5 easy V washing tips, read on. 

1. Use the right kind of products 

Soaps and chemical based products can cause irritation and disturb the Ph balance of the vagina. Soaps can also cause dryness in the vaginal area. Use special vaginal wash or a mild product​. Vaginal washes do not cause any harm to the vaginal area and prevent dryness.

As most vaginal washes are paraben free, it promotes the cleanintimate area. The right vaginal wash product will also prevent bacterial infections. Always choose a safeproduct for vaginal washing. Regular use of thisproduct will not cause any kind of discomfort in your vaginal area. 

2. Douching is not safe 

Most women believe that douching is a safe way to wash the vaginal area. But, this is not true. Douching affects the natural scent and also alters the Ph balance of the vaginal area. It also causes bacteria to enter in your cervix if not cleaned properly. 

Water and vinegar solution is not safe to use it in your vaginal area. Instead, you can wash the area with warm water and clean it with a washcloth. This will ensure a hygieniccleaning of your vaginal area. 

3. Don’t use cleaning agents 

If you use cleaning agents to clean your vaginal area, then this​ can cause harm to your natural vaginal balance. You heard that right. Cleaning agents such as gels and vaginal wipes affect the Ph balance of your vagina. It also causes extreme dryness in the area. It’s always advisable to apply cleaning agents externally.

Using them internally may also cause irritation and other skin problems. Most women also use baby wipes to clean the vaginal area. Baby wipes are also not too safe for use. Refrain from using such​ things to ensure ​good vaginal health. Use mild solution with water for cleaning purpose.

4. Choose skin friendly innerwear 

It’simportant to choose the right kind of innerwear for your vaginal hygiene. Certain materials can harm the vaginal area and cause bacterial infections. You need to select fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Also, don’t wear panties that are too tight as it causes sweat in the vaginal area. 

Cotton fabric is the best for your vaginal hygiene. Cotton panties are not only comfortable but it ensures the goodoverall health of the vagina. Cotton panties also help to prevent inflammation and vaginal infections. 

5. Follow a daily cleaning routine

Wax, trim or shave the vaginal area to maintain proper body hygiene. Also, maintain a daily washing routine to prevent dryness and vaginal infections. You will feel clean and confident if you maintain a proper vaginal hygiene.  

You can also maintain your vaginal hygiene by using V tight cream that helps to alleviate dryness and keeps your vagina in good shape. 

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Amy Villasenor

Amy Villasenor is​ a freelance writer and a health blogger. ​She uses her passion for writing to share her experience. Through her years of research, she aspires her readers to​ get the treatment for all health issues they face in everyday life.

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