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Dental technologies constantly adapt to change towards upgrading and enhancing oral care. Latest advancements include digital impressions, dental lasers, no-drill, ​and pain-free procedures. I have provided a few dental technologies that simplify oral care.



Digital X-rays

Digital impressions entail the use of cone-beam imaging, the same technology built in dental CT scans, to produce clear X-ray results with less radiation. The computer-generated mouth replicas are highly accurate and can be remarkably captured in minutes. Dentists are presented with a 3D view where they can identify tumors or other underlying diseases a traditional dental X-ray will not reveal.



Dental Lasers

The diode laser provides dentists with a better, high-tech device in place of traditional scalpels and drills. They can detect tooth decay, place fillings and dental implants with little to no anesthetic, endless pain for the patient.



Air Abrasion

Technology in air abrasion drowns out the drill’s noise during dental treatments. Anxious patients are put at ease with the new device. The sound-free procedure removes tooth decay and stains via spraying compressed air, comprised of minute aluminum oxide particles, on the affected tooth.



CAD/CAM technology

Dental crowns typically require two visits to your doctor’s clinic. Enter the latest technologies in CAD or computer-assisted design, and CAM computer-assisted manufacture, a custom dental crown can be made right then and there. Your dentist will drill and prepare the tooth for the crown by taking an image via the CAD machine, then sends it to the CAM equipment to reproduce. That’s it. Fabrication is not only quicker but more durable and well-fitted for every patient.



Pain-free Injection

Needle-free and pain-free injections sound pleasant as it is. A state-of-the-art device that looks much like a normal toothbrush is used instead. The ergonomically-designed handheld tool utilizes vibrations to send your brain waves that block painful sensations.


These dental technological advances rule in all aspects- efficiency, consistency, safety from radiation, improved comfort and much-needed relief from pain.

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